Six Easy Steps to Step Up Your Coffee Game

Six Easy Steps to Step Up Your Coffee Game

February 26, 2021 0 By dang

Nothing like a good cup of coffee can’t fix a bad day. What once was a luxury for Vietnamese people has now been made affordable. Imagine being away from the city with your friends and family with a Vietnamese brewed coffee. 

The difference between Vietnamese coffee from other coffee is the presence of Robusta bean. As most coffees have a strong and bitter taste, this has a mixture of strong and nuttier savor than Arabica beans. On the contrary, it has twice the amount of caffeine but lesser sugar and fat. 

It’s best paired with a rich, concentrated flavor like condensed milk that prevails its richness even diluted with ice.

Here are some tips to achieve the best brewed Vietnamese coffee:

  • Use cooled down boiling water – 90 degrees Celcius at best to get the best flavor.
  • To retain the temperature of the drink, immerse the cup with hot water.
  • Let the condensed milk dissolve in the cup first.
  • Evenly distribute the coffee grounds inside the chamber.
  • Avoid too much pressure when using the french press.
  • Pour a little amount of water to bloom the coffee for twenty seconds then add in the hot water.

Try these steps and enjoy an amazing cup of good coffee.