Benefits and Dangers of Vaping

Benefits and Dangers of Vaping

March 28, 2021 0 By dang

There are plenty of opinions about vaping by different Vaping suppliers. Some articles mainly talk about its benefits while some sites also focus on its harmful effects. There are indeed pros and cons in regards to smoking using electronic cigarettes, and one should not be based on either one of the sides.

Although some electronic cigarettes don’t have nicotine, there are still plenty of dangers these devices can cause that aren’t related to nicotine. If you have been pondering about buying these e-cigarettes lately, then you are indeed on the right page. This unbiased article will be discussing the benefits and dangers of vaping.


It is safer compared to cigarette smoking

Extensive research has shown that vaping is 95% less dangerous compared to cigarette smoking. Since there is no ash or tar and combustion associated with electronic cigarettes, switching to them allows users to face various health benefits. The ashes produced in cigarette smoking can directly harm our lungs and oral hygiene. Thus, by switching to vape, users can achieve better skin health, oral hygiene, sense of taste and smell, and lung capacity.

More fragrant

Whenever you vape on streets, inside malls, or in cars, people would no longer be covering their noses to avoid smelling your bad breath and stinky clothes. It means you can naturally mingle with non-smokers while answering their questions about your interesting chocolate, bubble gum, and fruity scent.

You will have more control over your nicotine intake

Electronic cigarettes enable users to have full control over their nicotine dosage. It has various available strengths ranging from high-strength nicotine to nicotine-free juices. This implies users can freely control the amount of nicotine that should be added to the product. Some vapers don’t even want to add any amount at all.

It can be a fashion statement

You can choose your desired nicotine level, box mod design, juice flavor, and make your vaping device one of your fashion accessories. You can even match your vape design to your current outfit during vaping competitions.


Allergic reactions

Electronic juices or liquids have varying ingredients and formulation which can contain real nut particles or anything users are allergic to. Some people think that juices only contain artificial flavoring. However, some juices contain tiny bits of their actual fruit to add more natural flavor to the product.

Headaches and dry mouth

Vaping can result in headaches and dry mouth. Although it only depends on the user’s physical reaction and tolerance, vapers still need to keep themselves hydrated. They have to take deeper breathes to avoid feeling dizzy due to strong juice scents and flavors.

Cumulative costs

Just like any other consumable product, vapes require repetitive purchases. So, no matter how expensive and designed your electronic liquids are, their containers will always have to be refilled. The electronic liquid’s quantity and price vary. Some liquid brands are pricey while some are incredibly affordable, but it does not matter because all of these products will surely not last forever.

By now, you’re able to have a firmer understanding of how vape affects your budget, health, and lifestyle. No matter what the pros and cons are, the choice will always be yours.