Di Mai Restaurant Serves the Best Rustic Vietnamese Cuisine

Di Mai Restaurant Serves the Best Rustic Vietnamese Cuisine

February 21, 2021 0 By Đặng Trường Diêm

In a modern world filled with busy streets and high skyscrapers, people sometimes yearn to live where old memories lie. Di Mai restaurant has a sweet spot for nostalgia through its ambient decor and rustic dishes.

Every floor space fills a state-of-the-art harmonious blend of Vietnamese orthodox as its focal point. Its colorful, patterned tiles reminisce every 80’s and 90’s kids of their home. It reminds diners of their childhood, but also the old streets of Saigon: rustic and modern. 

The place captures some of the familiar sights: the Pearl of the Far East, garde manger, noisy Lambros, and other materials like flat bamboo baskets and empty guigoz milk cans.

Dai Mai serves modern and rustic infused food that hits the right balance. It serves dishes from across the country’s region including Quang Noodle, La Vong grilled and braised fish, grilled meat noodles, and sour soup.

The person behind the best Di Mai food experience is Head Chef Vu. It incorporates its food decorations into retro furniture including, an oval bamboo serving tray and earthen pots. Each of the dishes depicts its own story that makes diners nostalgic. 

The restaurant receives five stars review on a Tripadvisor website.