New Immigration Priorities from the Canadian Government

New Immigration Priorities from the Canadian Government

March 15, 2021 0 By Đặng Trường Diêm

Canada has a reputation as the home for immigrants due to its highest population rate of immigrants of any country. The 2019 statistics support the claims as there is a 21.5 percent increase in foreign residents; it remains the core of the country’s economic growth.

A supplementary mandate letter authorized by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to Marco Medicino, the immigration minister, serves as a legitimate document to the department. It binds the Prime Minister’s intentions to pursue through the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

It highlights the need for Immigration Level Plan to improve its application process and to create new programs. As the country experiences pandemic, the document also displays objectives to conform to the Coronavirus crisis.

The mandate provides programs for newcomers from the Economic Class and administers permanent residence pathways for health care workers working during the pandemic and temporary foreign workers. It continues to operate the entry of foreigners without compromising people’s health and safety. The document’s key feature also includes the protection of farming and food processing workers from the virus. 

As it fulfills its humanitarian commitment through unifying family members, the Immigration Levels Plan envisions Canada as the leading scout for talent and strong economic growth. It provides a haven for people to build new beginnings.