Everything to Know About Vietnam’s Tradition and Customs

Everything to Know About Vietnam’s Tradition and Customs

February 18, 2021 0 By Đặng Trường Diêm

Below is a list of traditions and customs in Vietnam:

Ancestral Worship

Every Vietnamese home has a small space for its altar to help the departed commune with the living. The food offering, candle lighting, and incense burning are rituals made before praying. 

Burning of Votive Paper

A votive paper can be any form like a house, clothes, fake money, cars, or motorbikes made entirely of paper. The burning of the material signifies the gifts for the ancestors. It only occurs on special days that include festivals, new and full moon days, the anniversary of an ancestor’s death, and Lunar New Year. 


Ethnic community living in the highlands whose lives revolve around agriculture considers animism significant. A performance happens yearly or monthly to request from the gods’ abundance in planting and harvesting. 

God of Wealth for business

Most shops, boutique or restaurant has a designated space for the altar located in a well-ventilated position. Placing the Than Tai or God of wealth on an altar serves to bring a fortune to the business.

Pagoda Visitation

At the beginning of the year, people gather in this spiritual place to pray for health, peace, and happiness.

Lunar New Year Reunion

Like most people, the Lunar New Year bonds the family tighter as it reunites the family.