Experience the Festivities in Vietnam

Experience the Festivities in Vietnam

February 17, 2021 0 By dang

Vietnam is the home of thousands of pagodas and shrines. It also has plenty of cultural events celebrated at a specific time of the year. Each celebration is rich with ancient history. Some of the festivals include Tet Han Thuc, Reunification day, Hung King Temple festival, and many others.

Below are the two most celebrated and grandest festival happening in Vietnam:

Tet Nguyen Dan/Lunar New Year

The country celebrates its anticipated festival in early January or late February in the lunar calendar. It is a tribute to the gods for the arrival of spring and welcomes a New Year with the family. 

It’s best enjoyed in the City of Hanoi due to the fireworks display and parties in Hanoi Opera House. On the other hand, Quan Su Pagoda or Ngoc San Temple is the spot for praying and lighting incense.

Perfume Pagoda Festival

It is known as the most sacred festival and is famous for its pilgrimage site. In this place, people look forward to praying for happiness and prosperity. It takes place around mid-February or March.

To arrive at the ultimate destination, the devotees explore the wonders of the place like the scenic cave, the limestone mountain and eventually walk through a hundred steps made of stones.